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TimeNovember 22, 2017, 5:30 am
nana fatima sambo
I fatima sambo iam satisfied with all this social wallets paying and other tins we are happy to have you
January 14 2017, 11:29 am
nana fatima sambo
Iam happy to register with social wallet they are always the best in the history of wallets donation appreciate
January 25 2017, 9:47 pm
Oursocialwallet has changed my life and that of my family members for better. We constantly receive #6000 AFTER donating #3000 with a space of 24 hours of confirm Donation by upline. I am advising u to join now and see things for yourself.
January 14 2017, 10:14 am
John Ezinwa S
Our social wallet is transforming the financial status of people. You are invited to key in today.
January 14 2017, 7:18 am
I am here to have a good experience too because i have heard so much good things about it
January 29 2017, 5:16 pm
ossy nwakamma
Our Social Wallet is sooo good, I will make sure I introduce all my friends
January 13 2017, 5:02 pm
I love this platform cause its helping many of my friends
January 13 2017, 4:53 pm
agbo simon
i was introduced by a friend that has enjoyed much benefit from this scheme, and i am very confident that i will be able to meet my financial obligations here.
January 13 2017, 12:33 pm
onwuka michael
I heard about our social wallet from a friend and i want to be a beneficiary.
January 13 2017, 12:32 pm

i heard of this oppurtunity and im here to find out for myself
January 13 2017, 12:07 pm

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January 31 2017, 8:36 pm
Charles Chileuwa
Oursociall wallet is a wonderful program.. I got to know about it from a friend who has benefited a lot.. From it.. I love it
January 13 2017, 11:22 am
Alhassan Ibrahim
Happy to join oursocialwallet people are telling me that ot pays quicly within 12 hours
January 13 2017, 10:05 am
okem lilian
indeed i have benefited from this platform, it is advisable for all oooo.
January 13 2017, 9:58 am
thank you guys for this site is the best site i have ever seen what a wonderful site
January 13 2017, 9:55 am

I am glad to be part of this. I registered without any hitches and sure on my way to give and receive donations.
January 13 2017, 9:32 am
Franca Adigwerex
I have testimonies about this platform!!!! Waiting to give mine too!!
January 13 2017, 8:28 am
Uduak obong
A friend made alot from oursocialwallet and am glad i joined
January 13 2017, 7:24 am
moses udo
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February 14 2017, 2:34 pm
Umar ibrahim
A friend made alot from oursocialwallet and am glad i joined
January 13 2017, 5:17 am