Verification Link Now working (For New Users)


TimeNovember 22, 2017, 5:31 am
Register on Our Social Wallet with your unique email, username and password. Proceed to your email inbox/spam folder and click on the activation link to activate your account. Once your account is activated, login to your dashboard to start participating.
On your dashboard, you'll see the details of your upline. You have 24 hours to donate specified amount and submit proof. On the menu, click 'My Upline' and follow the instructions there to donate and upload payment proof. Donation is via bitcoin/local currency only, ensure you have sufficient. Send the exact amount on the Upline page to the bitcoin wallet address/Bank details specified. Then upload your transaction hash code/screenshot and any other comment (e.g. sender details)
Refresh the page to confirm donation (if BTC). Or ask your upline to confirm for you. Your donation has to be confirmed before the end of 24 hours. Once your donation is confirmed, then you wait.
The next 2 users that register/recycle will be assigned to donate the same amount to you.
Confirm the donation of these 2 users (if system has not already done so), so that donors can be assigned to them too.
Once you (or the system) has confirmed reception of 2 donations, click 'Recycle' on your dashboard. What recycle does is that it places you at the bottom of the queue so that the next 2 registered users can be assigned to donate $10 each to you. Note that you once you recycle, a new upline will be assigned for you to donate to. Once he/she (or the system) confirms your donation, you'll be able to get another 2 donors to donate to you, and the cycle continues....
You can only recycle when you have received 2 donations from downlines
NOTE: If donation to your Upline is not made within 24 hours or if it's not confirmed within the 24 hours, your account will be suspended. You have to contact support to get it unlocked. If any of your donors doesn't donate within 24 hours, he/she will be blocked and the next available donor will be assigned to you. There is no limit to the number of times you can recycle daily.