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TimeNovember 22, 2017, 5:30 am
How does Our Social Wallet Platform works?
Our Social Wallet is a donation platform where participants help each other by donating a fixed amount and getting paid by other users. Our Social Wallet is not Multilevel Marketing (MLM), Pyramid, Ponzi or Referral Scheme.
The system is peer to peer.
Check our How it works for full details.
How do I retrieve my password?
Click HERE to get your login details sent to your registration email
What currency is used on the platform?
BITCOIN and local currency of your chosen country. Check list of supported countries.
Do I have to refer people to get paid?
No. But you can help to promote the ideology on social media and other platforms. See how here
What if there are no new registrations?
There are 7 billion people in the world presently, and 3 billion are internet users. If 100 people register per day (worst case scenario), after one year, only 0.0012% of internet users will have registered.
So, you see, the system is built to last.
More so, existing users will keep recycling (going to the end of the queue like a new user).
e.g. If You (Mr A) registers at 1:00am, pays Mr B and gets confirmed by 2:00am. If Mr B(a previous user) recycles at 2:01am, Mr B will be set as your downline and required to donate to you.
How do I open a bitcoin wallet?
You can open a bitcoin wallet with anyone of these websites: Blockchain, Coinbase or Local Bitcoin
Which countries are accepted to participate?
Participants are welcomed from all countries where bitcoin is accessible. If you prefer your local currency, not all countries are presently supported. Check list of supported countries.
Is Our Social Wallet a pyramid scheme?
According to Wikipedia, a pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, while a Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources In this sense, Our Social Wallet is neither a Ponzi or pyramid scheme, because Our Social Wallet is not an investment project. In Our Social Wallet there are no promises or guarantees.
How do I fund my bitcoin wallet?
You can search for e-currency exchangers online. You pay them to send funds to your bitcoin wallet. One popular marketplace is LocalBitcoins
Can I have multiple accounts?
Yes you can, though we don't encourage such. If however, you run more than one account, ensure all the accounts are active. Else, all the accounts affiliated to you will be blocked!
How do I know I have downlines presently?
Go to MY DOWNLINES page. If you see a timer and green CONFIRM button there, it means there is a downline.
I see Downlines Assigned=2 on my dashboard, but I have received no downlines?
If you see 2 in your Downlines Received count, it means the system had already assigned downlines to you. However, if the downlines did not donate in 24 hrs, the downlines will be removed from your dashboard. But the downline count will remain as 2.
Please I paid on xx/xx/xxxx, but my up-line didn't confirm me.
You have just 24 hrs after your time expires to report this issue else, you may never be confirmed.
I registered since xxth and my donation has been confirmed. Up till now no downline at all.
Check your dashboard, if DOWNLINES ASSIGNED=2, that means you have been assigned 2 downlines already. If DONATIONS RECIEVED=2, your account is due for recycle, so your account has been removed from the queue.
However, if DOWNLINES ASSIGNED=2 and DONATIONS RECIEVED=0 and you cannot see any downlines on your downlines page, it means downlines have been blocked and removed. Contact Support to restore your account to the queue.
If DOWNLINES ASSIGNED=0 and it's been over a week, update your profile. If your profile is already up-to-date, contact support to check your account for you.
I can't find my downline name/contact detail.
Go to MY DOWNLINES page. If your downline submitted a valid name and contact detail, it\'ll be visible to you. If not, the space will be blank. At this point, there is nothing you can do except to wait for the downline to contact you or upload payment proof. Do not contact support for this.
I'm yet to get my downlines.
Downlines are auto-assigned, and it takes between 5 minutes to 14 days (worse case scenario) to get downlines. If your donation has been confirmed and your DOWNLINES ASSIGNED=0, it means your account is on queue for downlines. Do well to Promote so as to make the assigning faster.
I have donated, but I couldn't upload payment proof till time expired and I was blocked.
The solution is for you to send your email, upline email/phone/full name and payment proof (screenshot) to Support. Do not contact us if you don't have these details, as we can\'t help without them.
Support is not responding to my message.
We have limited support agents hence, their hands are full. Do not send HI, HELLO, GOOD DAY etc. Just send your email, upline/downline email, screenshot if necessary and explain the issue in details.
My Upline changed after I have donated to another upline.
The only reason this can happen is if you clicked the RECYCLE button.
My Upline confirmed my donation, but I was still blocked
If you were blocked, it means your upline never confirmed you before time expired. Contact support with your email, upline email and payment proof.
Is there any admin/maintenance fee?
The entire system is peer-to-peer, meaning there is no intermediary. As such, there are no maintenance or upgrade fee.
Can I donate more than the specified amount?
No. Any excess funds sent to upline is considered an act of charity.
I have sent donation and uploaded payment proof, but donation hasn't been confirmed.
If donation is in bitcoin, refresh the Upline page until payment is automatically approved. Or contact your upline using the contact details on the upline page and ask him/her to confirm.
What happens if my donation is not confirmed till time expires?
If you have uploaded payment proof, your account won't be blocked. But if you haven't, your account will be blocked and can only be unblocked by contacting support
What happens if a donor does not pay till time expires?
He/she will be removed from your downline. System will restore your account to the queue after few days so you can be paired with the next available participant
My downline uploaded fake payment proof.
Contact the downline and find out why. If issue cannot be resolved between both parties, contact us with your email, downline name/phone/email and the fake payment proof uploaded.