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TimeNovember 22, 2017, 5:30 am
About Founders
We're a team of internet geeks with the aim of helping the average human being meet his financial needs anywhere, anytime. We have studied a lot of systems, and found out a few things.
  • Some users hate referral programs because they don't have people to refer (except for blog owners, internet marketers etc). Hence, they stay away from referral schemes.
  • Some users hate pyramid schemes as the first registrants earn the most while those at the bottom struggle.
  • Some users hate High Yield Investment Plan (HYIP) that promise 100% profit in 3 days or so. The average thinker knows that the system will not last and most are scams.
  • Some users hate waiting for another user to confirm them before they can proceed.
  • Some users avoid Provide Help and Get Help Systems as it relies on the fact that every participant will return to pay a higher amount
  • Users avoid programmes with bonuses as it obvious those bonues and commissions will crash the system as there are no products or investment
  • Users want a stable source of residual income where they can leave there spare money and be sure of income

Finding out this, we thought, why not create a system where:

  • participants don't need to refer
  • there are no bonuses or commissions which crashes the system on the long run
  • risk is minimum as there is a fixed amount to donate everytime
  • is transparent, with peer to peer donation
  • is scam-free as there is no central account and live stats with proof on the homepage
With this, we took on the project of birthing Our Social Wallet December 2016, to the glory of God. Our dream is to make every as many people as possible live above the average standard of living in their country.

About Our Social Wallet
Our Social Wallet is a community of donors - people who donate to each other. In Our Social Wallet you don't have to refer people or upgrade, there are no levels. Everything is simple: donate to someone - another 2 donate to you. The only thing required is that you stay active by recycling each time your downline is complete. You recyle when you can afford to donate.
Our Social Wallet is unique as it combines
  • Peer to peer network
  • No central account
  • Every one has the same earning potential
  • Global audience
  • Payment Auto-confirmation (Bitcoin)
  • Live payment proof
  • Live chat with agents
  • 24/7 support system
  • Easy-to-use user interface
Office Address
We have no office address. Hence we provide 24/7 support to all of our users. We are also reachable on various social media as listed at the bottom of the page.