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TimeDecember 12, 2017, 12:08 pm
Receive donations from participants daily by donating to fellow participants
Members donate and receive donations in Bitcoin or Local currency. Bitcoin was selected as the universal currency as it gives room for participants anywhere to exchange donations.
4 Steps to Begin
You can see that financial dream come through.
1 First thing is to activate your account. Without doing that, you cannot get an upline.
2 Get your upline bitcoin wallet address/bank details and donate the specified amount within 24 hours.
3 Once your donation is confirmed (automatic if BTC), the next 2 users that register/recycle will be assigned as your downline.
4 Once you have received 2 donations(1 from each downline), recycle and repeat the process again!
   Global participants
   Long-lasting program
   No Registration/Admin Fee
   Bitcoin accepted
   24 hours support